CMU launches webpage, upgrades security after March shooting

MT. PLEASANT (WJRT) - (10/10/18) - More than seven months after a double murder on the campus of Central Michigan University, students, staff and guests are seeing some noticeable safety upgrades.

In March, police said Eric Davis Junior, who was 19 at the time, shot and killed his parents inside his dorm.

The shootings forced the campus into lockdown while police searched for Davis.

Police found him 15 hours later.

As a result the university has made security and communication upgrades.

Jonathan Webb, CMU's associate vice president for Facilities Management, said the new Emergency Management webpage is the largest component. "We have links on the new webpage that take people to those sections, that give them actions that they can take to help protect themselves, and others," he said.

Back in March, Katie McMahon got the campus wide alert about the shooting in the Towers but didn't know what to do next. "I was like, 'okay it must not be a big deal'. I still had my test, right? So it took them a few hours to cancel the test," she said.

Looking to the new webpage is expected to help in situations such as an active shooter, tornadoes, and many other instances.

In addition, a multi-year plan to put electronic access controls on all dorms is now complete. It began in 2016, long before the March shooting.

"All the dorms are locked, all the hallways are locked, and you have to have the fob to go in," said Kat Woodman, a CMU junior.

"It just does feel a lot safer. I feel like the average Joe just can't walk in," said Sam Nelson, a CMU sophomore.

Those controls are in other places as well.

Students agree safety is a concern, but some said it'll take some getting used to.

"I wanted to go to the Fresh Dining Hall and the ways that I wanted to go up there were locked off because I don't live in those halls," Woodman said.

CMU leaders hope students, staff and guests will go over the information on the Emergency Management webpage now, instead of waiting unitl they need it.

"We will continue to work on our preparedness. That's the key to emergency management is being prepared," Webb said.

There's more detailed information about all the safety and security ugrades on campus in a CMU news release. Click on the 'Related Link' with this story to learn more.

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