Central Michigan University police trained for active shooter situation last August

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MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) - (03/02/18) - While police officers could not have predicted the deadly shooting that unfolded on Central Michigan University's campus Friday, they have done their best to be ready for situations like it.

Police in tactical gear search for James Eric Davis Jr. in a neighborhood near High Street in Mount Pleasant after a double murder on the campus of Central Michigan University.

CMU police trained for this very moment in August 2017.

"We need to make sure our officers are ready to respond, work their way through a building, confront whatever threat there may be and make things safe," Lt. Cameron Wassman told ABC12 at the time.

The three day training took place inside Calkins Hall. Not even a year later, on a quiet Friday in March 2018, that training has never been more critical.

"The university responded quickly. We had the campus on lockdown. No students, faculty or staff have been injured," said Sherry Knight, Associate Vice President of University Communications.

CMU President George Ross was proud of the campus' response to the incident.

"This is an aberration. It's sad, but I believe our folks responded in protecting students and faculty and staff and community members," he said. "We reacted immediately with the lockdown and protecting of human life on this campus today."

School officials say two people were shot and killed around 8:30 a.m. Friday, prompting an immediate lockdown and localized manhunt. They released a tweet advising people to take shelter around 9:30 a.m.

"Just like history has shown, these types of incidents can happen any time any where and to anyone, often times without warning," Wasserman said.

Police told us they were using rapid response deployment tactics to make their training situation as similar as it could possibly be to a situation like this.

CMU held that training last August for its 23 police officers, but it's important to note they also train with neighboring police departments throughout the year.

Many of them responded to campus today to back them up.

Whitney Smith sits barricaded in her dorm room in Campbell Hall at Central Michigan University after a double homicide on Friday.

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