Central Michigan University students return to campus following deadly shooting

MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) - (03/12/18) - Central Michigan University students returned to campus 10 days after two people were shot and killed in a dorm room.

"The mood is a little different, I guess I would say," said Grant Johnston, a CMU student.

Police believe James Davis Jr. shot and killed his parents, James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis, inside Campbell Hall on March 2.

Davis Jr. hid from police for more than 15 hours before being captured. He's in the Isabella County Jail charged with their murders.

Students started to return to Mount Pleasant over the weekend after spring break.

"I was a little nervous to come back," said Allison Marsh, a CMU student. "I'm just a little bit more cautious, like yes, looking out for my surroundings more and paying attention to people more. And yeah, like looking out for each other, like friends if they have problems."

"Almost like really quiet and I feel like everybody feels down," said Mayia Hall, a CMU student.

Hall said she wasn't on campus at the time, but she spends a lot of time at the Towers complex where Campbell Hall is located.

"Well, I usually walk down that way to go, but now I'm walking down the middle of campus," Hall said. "Just avoiding the area."

"We want them to feel safe, we want them to be safe. That will always be our priority," said Lt. Cameron Wassman with the Central Michigan University Police Department.

There were extra police officers no campus Sunday.

"We did have additional officers that were working, primarily in the residence halls to welcome them back," Wassman said.

On Monday the university tried to get back to normal.

"Business as usual so to speak. CMU has been very strong throughout this incident and you know the plan is to get back into the swing of things," Wassman said.

Behind the scenes CMU police and other university leaders are looking over what they did right and what needs improved upon. Along with safety the other focus is a sense of well-being.

"Everyone's going to deal with this in their own way. And so there isn't one cookie cutter approach to providing support," said Tony Voisin, CMU's associate vice president for Student Affairs.

Counselors from CMU and neighboring Alma College are here to help.

"If they want to have a conversation with counselor one-on-one, if they'd rather talk in a group setting, we've also brought in therapy dogs," Voisin said.

The extra counseling is available for at least the next two weeks.

"Certainly there are things we need to continue to talk about, continue to support those who may not feel that they need support right now, they may not realize it for another week," Voisin said.

Marsh hopes her fellow students will make use of what's available.

"Talking about it and just, I don't know, getting it off your chest, and maybe it doesn't make you feel so scared that other people know what you're going through."

Counseling services are free to students. Click on the "Related Link" with this story to learn more.

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