Carman Hills top pick for new Flint Township name

Published: Mar. 30, 2017 at 11:28 PM EDT
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(03/30/17) - One by one they marked 102 names off the list, eventually voting for Carman Hills.

"All in favor of Carman Hills? Looks like they won," Jerry Preston said.

He's been chair of the Suggestion Committee since meetings began in September. Preston says the next step is getting the County Board of Commissioners to approve the new name.

If they do approve it, the Committee has asked that the community be allowed to vote to approve it too.

"They may decide to send everybody a postcard and ask what they think. It's our recommendation that they put it on the next ballot, but they may not want to wait that long because that's almost a year away," he explained.

Preston says the transition of changing every name on posters and billboards, etc. will cost money, but he believes it'll be minimal.

"Every four years they change the stationary here because there's a new election. And, you know, every few years they change the police and fire vehicles, so those decals could be done as part of the normal cost of things," he said.

Businesses will most likely have to pay for their own changes, but The Dive Shop Owner Kevin Stiff tells us he's all for it.

"Kind of the last straw was I had people signed up for scuba classes and then I had cancellations because they didn't want to swim in my pool with Flint Water. And we use Genesee County water," Stiff explained.

So he says the changes will be worth it.

"So that we can start to bring, you know, businesses back and maybe we can have, you know, our identity and build the community back up," Stiff added.

The top ten names include ...

1. Carman Hills

2. Garland

3. Dyewood Heights

4. Genesee Hills

5. West Haven

5. Westwood Hills

7. Bristol Heights

7. Torrey Heights

7. Oak Hills

10. Rolling Oaks