Caro Center supporters hold rally in Lansing to rebuild hospital as planned

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 5:09 PM EDT
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(08/27/19) -- The future of the Caro Center remains in limbo. And people are voicing their concerns in Lansing, asking the state to reconsider plans to scale back.

"What we're concerned about is moving forward. We believe that a rebuild is incredibly necessary," said Tuscola County Spokeswoman Karen Pirich Currie.

It's a thought that echos among the dozens of people that came out to show their support of rebuilding the Caro Center, like Reamy Berlin, an employee of the center.

"The demand for beds is increasing on a daily basis," Berlin said.

Kim Spicer. another employee of the center isn't just concerned about the state's recommendations, she is concerned for the patients.

"These people don't need to be scared. They have enough going on in their heads. They never have a quiet moment," Spicer said.

"The goal is to let state government know there's life east of I-75, and that our Caro Center has been around a long time and it provides a lot of service to the community," said Tuscola County Sheriff Glen Skrent.

But a recent state recommendation scales that service down. The Whitmer administration is eyeing the possibility of renovating the current facility and reducing the number of beds at the center to 84 or rebuilding the center altogether, but on a smaller scale.

"People are still nervous because the answer from the MDHHS really didn't define what the long term goal will be for the center and if they don't build a new one, I think the residents feel that in a couple years, they'll just close it down," Skrent said.

Caro Community Schools Superintendent Pete Newman felt optimistic about the center's future.

"The governor has in good faith, after the consultative report, has decided to keep the dialogue open," Newman said.

Officials say a final decision on the Caro Center is expected from the governor sometime around Labor Day.