Caro Middle School allegedly receives shooting threat from eighth-grader

Caro Middle School
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CARO (WJRT) (3/6/2018) - An eighth-grader at Caro Middle School is banned from attending classes after allegedly making a threat Monday evening to shoot the school.

A mother with students at the middle school contacted administrators about the alleged threat in the evening. She told authorities her daughter was scared of going to school Tuesday because of the the threat.

School officials relayed the information to police, who immediately launched an investigation.

Police talked with the student and searched their home for any weapons to determine whether the threat was credible. Officers seized several long guns from the student's house, but determined the student posed no imminent danger to the school.

Classes went on as scheduled Tuesday.

That student, who was not identified, has been suspended pending further disciplinary action from school administrators. The student also is banned from coming onto school property.

Police have not indicated whether the student also will face criminal charges.

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