Carriage Town Ministries opening COVID-19 triage unit for homeless

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FLINT (WKRT) (03/27/2020)-- Carriage Town Ministries in Flint is opening a COVID-19 triage unit for the city's homeless population who may be experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Carriage Town, in partnership with Hurley Medical Center have opened the unit at 705 Garland Street for those not ill enough to stay in the hospital, and those who have no place to go.

Those who show up that are displaying symptoms, but haven't received test results yet will be able to stay in a separate room away from those who may be positive.

Carriage Town is practicing very strict precautions and measures including suspending all person-to-person contact activities, serving all meals pre-packaged, sanitizing frequently, issuing masks and gloves for staff, and making sleeping arrangements that are at least 6 feet a part.

Carriage Town is also coordinating daily with both Shelter of Flint and My Brother's Keeper to ensure coverage.