Cars 108 Roof Sit supports Whaley Children's Center

Cars 108 radio hosts Pat & AJ are taking part in a roof sit atop the Grand Blanc McDonald's with Whaley Children's Center CEO Mindy Williams to raise money.

FLINT (WJRT) (7/18/2019) - Anyone driving past the McDonald's at Saginaw Street and Holly Road in Grand Blanc may have seen a few people on the roof.

"It's hot everybody, it's hot, it's real hot, but it gets oddly cold at night," said Pat Clark, a radio host for Cars 108.

Cars 108 hosts Pat & AJ and Mindy Williams, CEO of Whaley Children's Center, have been camped out on the roof since Wednesday morning. It's all for the fourth annual Roof Sit, a two-day overnight fundraiser.

"It's not easy, but we make the best of it," Williams said.

People are able to stop by, grab some food and drop a few dollars or spare change in the bucket.

"It's overwhelming, it's amazing, anybody can get involved in this event which is really great and people just keep coming through," Williams said.

All donations made are for school supplies, clothes, shoes and any other basic necessities the children may need.

"Our kids come from all over the state, they're all in foster care, they all have a different story, different path," Williams said.

The team has slept in tents, continuously drinking coffee and waving to the customers for more than 24 hours. However, they're grateful to see how much the community shows its support every single year.

"It is literally growing by the year and it really shows the mantra of of it takes a village, everyone is pitching in," Clark said.

The crew said a few rough nights are worth it for all 42 children at Whaley Children's Center

"These kids have been through some traumatic events in their lives, I can take three days in the heat," Clark said.

This year's goal is $35,000. The crew will come down Friday at 10 a.m.