Celebrating Mid-Michigan seniors: #ABC12SeniorShoutout

MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (3/31/2020) - Anyone driving around may noticed something hanging from doors.

No it's not mistletoe or Christmas lights; rather it's jerseys, equipment and memorabilia. Parents and senior athletes are decorating their doors to celebrate the athlete's achievements.

"I would encourage you to do it. I think it looks sweet! I think it looks sweet. It just shows respect to the other athletes because I'm know a lot of my friends are struggling right now," said Landen Moore-Pierce, a Flushing High School senior guard.

Rhonda Foate, who has a child at Dakota High School in Macomb County, decorated her door to honor her senior.

"Without crying, it's just really sad time. It's sad for my seniors because they're not able to finish their senior year. Especially my college one, he was so excited to walk across that stage and get his diploma and he can't," said Foate.

The process of setting up the door won't take that long it's about the equivalent of watching a favorite TV show.

"It took about an hour. Of course I had to find tape, because I can't go out and about. Stuff kept falling down. We figured it out," said Terri Bates, a Grand Blanc High School parent.

Anyone who sees a decorated door is encouraged to honk their horn.

"It's fun! Let the seniors know that we're still supporting you. We're still proud of you guys. I know we can't normally do what we do for you this year. But, this is to just give them some inspiration," said Bates.

Anyone who wants to be a part of the effort should take a picture of their door and email it to Angie.Hendershot@abc12.com or post it on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #ABC12SeniorShoutout.