Cell phone and landline coverage spotty in parts of Shiawassee County

SHIAWASSEE CO. (WJRT) - (10/25/2017) - The following statement is from Shiawassee County Emergency Management & Homeland Security:

Cellular phone coverage and some landline connections in southwest Shiawassee County have been affected by damage to a fiber optic line.

Customers affected include parts of Laingsburg and Perry, in Shiawassee County.

Frontier Internet is working to restore the fiber connection but has no estimated restoration time available.

In case of emergency and residents are unable to reach 911, the City of Perry (145 S. Main St), City of Laingsburg (7425 S. Woodbury), City of Shaftsburg (6845 W. Beard) and Laingsburg’s Clinton County (6843 E. Alward) fire stations are being staffed to allow residents to directly report an emergency.

The fiber outage has not affected the county public safety radio system or 911 center and both remain operable at this time.