Census: Detroit income rises, poverty rate doesn't improve

Courtesy: MGN Online
Poverty Summit (Courtesy: MGN Online)
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DETROIT (AP) (9/13/2018) - U.S. Census Bureau figures show Detroit's poverty rate hasn't improved much, despite a second year of rising incomes.

The bureau's American Community Survey says the city's median household income was about $30,300 in 2017, a nearly 6 percent increase from the previous year. The nearly 8 percent increase in 2016 was the first significant increase the bureau recorded in the city since 2000.

The report says about 35 percent of Detroit residents lived below the poverty level in 2017, down slightly from about 41 percent five years ago. The child poverty rate remained at about 48 percent.

Kurt Metzger is a demographer and director emeritus of Data Driven Detroit. He says the city's biggest challenge is providing enough adult education and job training programs to increase labor force participation.

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