Census workers begin address verification

BRIDGEPORT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (08/15/19) - Beginning soon you may see some unfamiliar faces walking around your neighborhood, but don't worry.

From now until mid-October the U.S. Census Bureau is doing what is called the Address Canvasing Operation. It's the first major field operation of the 2020 Census.

"Make sure all these addresses are true, and if they're not, why not," explained Bridgeport Township Clerk Lee Carpenter.

Bridgeport Township has been updating community members about the effort via email alerts.

Carpenter met with the Census team Monday ahead of this phase of work. He said their goal is to make sure they have an accurate list of every address before the official count begins next year.

"They're not driving the cars up your driveway kind of thing, they're just verifying, from the road most of their work is done." Carpenter explained.

In some cases they may have to knock on a door. If they do the Census workers are required to have a government badge, and will likely have a laptop and some type of bag.

Carpenter wants to stress how important this process is for the community and individuals. "A lot of the programs a lot of people depend on are based on the population."

The Census Bureau reports the data collected every 10 years determines how more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed back to states and local communities for everything from schools to businesses.

New this time around 65 percent of the addresses were verified using satellite images. The rest will be verified on the ground, with communities like Bridgeport Township helping to make sure everyone is counted.

"Now there's just a better system computerized. In 2000 we added 38 houses, you know our computer systems are a whole lot better now so we can look back on building permits, we can look at demolition permits and kind of do that kind of stuff," Carpenter added.

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