More than half of Flint students attend a charter school, study shows

Published: Oct. 26, 2017 at 6:08 PM EDT
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(10/26/17) - A new report shows that more than half of the children in Flint attend a charter school.

A charter school advocate says it shows parents are exploring their options. The report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools shows that 55 percent of Flint children are enrolled in charter schools.

"I do believe that we provide a great place for students to learn. I think that it's the wave of the future for parents to have more of a choice. What our parents tell us is it's the family feeling, the caring that we provide," said Pamela Haldy, Richfield Public School Academy superintendent.

Flint has the highest percentage in the state of kids in charter schools.

Detroit is close behind with 53 percent. Grand Rapids has 30 percent of its students attending charter schools. The information is from the 2016-2017 school year.

Charter schools often are authorized by a community college or public university.

Flint Community Schools have seen a decline in enrollment over the past few years and have been struggling financially.

Chris Wigent, the executive director of the Michigan Association of School Administrators, said while there are many fine charter schools, moving a student out of a conventional public school is not always the best move.

"Sometimes parents just want to do something different for the children. We would strongly suggest that anyone considering leaving their school district would deeply research the charter school that they're going to attend to make sure they have high expectations and high results to make sure they have the kind of resources the children would need to have a quality education," said Wigent.

Around the nation New Orleans has the highest percentage of students attending charter schools at 93 percent.

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