Chase initiated after driver hits two MSP patrol cars

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/5/2017) - A 3-minute chase occurred near downtown Flint Monday after two Michigan State Police patrol cars were hit.

The Troopers and the driver are okay.

This comes after MSP changed their pursuit policy earlier this year. It prevents a trooper from starting a pursuit because of a traffic violation or misdemeanor offense.

But, Lt. Yvonne Brantley explained Monday was an exception, the driver committed a felony.

"Their lives could've been in danger and that's where the exception comes in," she said. "He intentionally rammed those troopers it's a felony at that point."

Lt. Brantley says the driver was initially spotted at VanSlyke and 12th in Flint.

He had run a red light at 76 miles per hour, almost causing a head-on-collision. The speed limit there is 35-miles-per-hour.

The trooper activated lights and siren and Lt. Brantley said it appeared the driver was going around a bend to find a safe spot to pull over.

When they didn't, the trooper slowed down and turned off the lights and siren, to just follow the driver.

Lt. Brantley says the driver did finally stop, waving his hands out the window. So she said a trooper conducted a traffic stop, but the driver hit the gas and rammed into a patrol car.

Because that's a felony, the trooper was allowed to initiate a chase.

Lt. Brantley said the first pit maneuver didn't work and the driver actually hit another patrol car.

The second pit maneuver close to the MTA transfer station finally worked and the driver was arrested.

Lt. Brantley said it's not clear why the driver rammed into the two patrol cars, but alcohol is believed to be a factor.

He's expected to be formally charged in the next few days.

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