Chicago heads to Mid-Michigan during a busy 49th year

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SAGINAW (WJRT) - (08/14/2016) - "To be able to do this for a living all this time later is just wonderful," Lee Loughnane says as he gets ready to hit the road again with Chicago, the band he helped form 49 years ago.
And the trumpet player can't help but get nostalgic after the 2016 the band has had, touring with regular co-headliners Earth, Wind & Fire, along with their own headlining gigs, including one at FirstMerit Bank Event Park in Saginaw Wednesday, and finally being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
"It seems like it came at a very opportune time for it. It seems like if it had come 25 years earlier when everyone expected us to get in, it wouldn't have been as meaningful for us. I think we have grown to not expect anything anymore, and when something does come, it's really a pleasure."
The honor also got the band in a reflective mood as they approached their summer tour, Loughnane says. But he points out, trying to put together a cohesive show from the band's 24 studio albums that spanned a wide musical breadth over the last nearly five decades is no easy task.
"We touch on a lot of everything. We start on the first album and work our way up through everything that we have accomplished and all the records that we have made all the way up through the present day. And as we put the setlist together, that, like you said, is the most difficult part because it has to make sense as a show."
Chicago isn't only looking back though, they're constantly still creating new music, and Lee says they see the busy 2016 they've had as a great springboard for their Golden anniversary next year.
"Instead of crawling into our 50th year, which you think maybe we're going to slow down a little bit and not do quite as much, we are actually more sprinting uphill to our 50th anniversary, so it's very cool."

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