GOOD KIDS: Choir members give surprise performance aboard delayed flight

BANGOR TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (06/13/17) - A Mid-Michigan high school choir returned home early Tuesday morning after performing at Carnegie Hall, and while that's a memory that will last a lifetime, it's something they did on the way home that got people talking on social media.

It all started with a mechanical problem aboard their Delta Airlines flight out of New York.

"We heard them testing the brakes, and testing the brakes," said Adam Gardner-Northrop, the John Glenn High School choir teacher.

The 25 choir members, Gardner-Northrop and 25 chaperones were stuck.

One hour for the repair turned into several hours.

"And then you just heard the groans throughout the entire plane," Gardner-Northrop said.

That's when a flight attendant asked for help after hearing about their Carnegie Hall performance.

The JGHS Varsity Choir got the chance to perform on the legendary stage thanks to a collaboration with the Central Michigan University choirs.

Together, they performed for 40 minutes on stage, so when the flight attendant asked for help, singing a couple songs was no big deal.

They started by singing "Happy Birthday" to a passenger, then it was onto their song.

"Mr. Gardner told us, 'This is the song you will sing if anyone asks you to sing. This is it, we will stick to this one and this will be our like, go-to piece,'" said Jack Horrigan, who just graduated from JGHS.

Their go-to song was, "New York, New York".

The airplane was a little more intimate than Carnegie Hall, but it worked.

"The lady in front of me, she took out her phone, she called somebody so they could hear us. And she was laughing, she said, 'Isn't this just amazing, we get entertainment for free,'" said Audrey Johnson, a junior at JGHS.

"You could immediately, the blood pressure of the whole plane dropped and everybody was talking about it for the rest of the time," Gardner-Northrop said.

The musical moment sure helped as everyone on board had to wait more than five extra hours before taking off for Detroit.

Gardner-Northop said the airline handled it well.

"They made these kids feel like rock stars," he said.

The original video posted on Facebook has already been viewed more than 4,000 times.

"Just coming from little, our little hometown of Bay City, and now becoming this big thing," Johnson said.

You can see the entire airplane performance by watching both videos attached to this story.

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