City of Linden warning community of malicious emails

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LINDEN (WJRT) - (12-04-18) The City of Linden is warning the community about an email spoof that includes the city's domain name.

It says the messages appear to be coming from staff, police, and city council.

The emails include a phony "invoice" with a link or attachment.

According to the city, the link could lead to a computer virus or other malware.

People are being warned not to open the email, link, or attachments, or respond to them in any way.

The city says it does not sent out email invoices except for some quarterly utility bills with the subject line “Utility Billing."

In a Facebook post the city says "We continue to maintain the highest level of technology security and wish to emphasize that the scheme is not the result of any compromise to the security of our systems, but are unable to fully prevent this impersonation."

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact City of Linden office staff at (810) 735-7980.

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