Clean-up planned at Bay City park following brief flooding

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BAY CITY (WJRT) - (04/15/19) - Mother Nature threw everything but the kitchen sink at us over the weekend.

There was snow, rain, strong winds, and even some thunder. It was the perfect storm to create a bit of a mess at Veterans Memorial Park in Bay City.

"You can see some of the debris, that's the actual line of the water, how far the water actually came up and debris stays, then the water rescinded. So then we come out and all the mess and stuff like that," said Department of Public Works Director Robert Dion.

Dion said clean-up will take place when the conditions are right, but unfortunately time is limited. "Forecast is looking like today's about our really only decent day, and we're looking at rain for the next four or five days," he said.

Dion said it's not unheard of for the park to flood, but it does take just the right mix of weather elements to submerge the land along the Saginaw River.

"The storms that take place up over the bay, the northeast winds push that water up. That's actually the biggest point," Dion said. "Water isn't the problem, rain, we get torrential downpours, that creates a lot of problems, but it has a place for it to go. When we get those storms coming out of the northeast, pushes all that water up to us."

And while the water has receded, Dion wants to remind people to stay on dry land if it happens again. "You don't know the road condition, you don't know if it fell out, you just don't know. So avoid it," he said.

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