Cleaning Chemistry: What You Should and Shouldn’t Mix

Let's say you run to the store and there are no more cleaning products left because of COVID-19 shoppers rush, don't worry you might already have the best solutions in your cupboard.

Vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol can all be used as cleaning products by themselves they won't harm you or create fumes that could damage your lungs.

A few items that should never mix are:

-Bleach and vinegar will make a toxic chlorine gas.

-Ammonia and Bleach makes toxic vapors, which are bad for your lungs.

-Bleach and rubbing alcohol creates chloroform, which can cause respiratory injuries.

"If we're looking at ingredient labels things that have bleach in them will have the word "chlor" as part as the ingredient. Usually 'sodium-hypo-chloride' is the chemical name for bleach... and if you see something that has the word 'ammonium'... you don't want to mix those with bleach,” said Dr. Ron Stamper

Also, you should not be wearing plastic gloves all day, experts say this will not protect you from the coronavirus.

"With any disease or hazard. The danger with people using gloves is that they get their glove dirty and then they touch their face. It gives a false sense of security," said Dr. Stamper. "When using disposable gloves you want to peel from your wrist to peel the glove inside out and throw it away. And then wash your hands."