Clio High School student raises $1,500 for family of I-75 rock throwing victim

CLIO (WJRT) (11/01/2017) - The past couple weeks have been difficult for students at Clio High School, but one wanted to make a positive difference.

Clio High School student Brianna Geary helped raised $1,500 for the family of Kenneth White.

The five suspects accused of throwing rocks from the Dodge Road overpass onto southbound I-75 on the evening of Oct. 18 all are Clio students. One of the rocks crashed through the windshield of a van and killed 32-year-old Kenneth White of Mt. Morris.

Brianna Geary approached her principal with a simple idea to raise money for White's family. The small idea sprouted quickly, with students and staff contributing $1,500 in just 48 hours.

"One of my favorite quotes is, 'Let be known for your grace and your kindness' and I just want my community to be known for their kindness," Geary said. "In such a dark situation and just turn it around."

She felt the rock throwing allegations offered a poor reflection of the entire Clio community and wanted to present a better image.

"I wanted to show that one situation does not define the character of our whole community," Geary said.

Clio High School Principal Lisa Taylor latched onto Geary's fundraiser idea quickly. She offered to make a schoolwide announcement over two days saying that donations would be accepted from students and staff.

The high school raised $1,000 in two days while elementary school students raised an additional $500 during a lock-in event.

"Whether or directly or indirectly, every single person in this building was impacted," Taylor said. "When I think about this community, I can't help but smile. We're resilient, we're strong, we're Mustangs. I feel fortunate to be a part of this community. I feel fortunate to be the principal here."

Geary hopes the money raised with make a difference in the White family's lives and that it spurs more people to help the family in their time of need.

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