Clock is ticking on decision for Bay City Bridges

BAY CITY (WJRT)- (07/09/19)- The clock is ticking.
2 crumbling Bay City bridges are in desperate need of repair - but it takes money the city doesn't have.

"My biggest concern is that, we are going to have a major catastrophe and it will detrimental to our community,said "Bay City Mayor, Kathleen Newsham.

For more than two years--- Bay City officials have tried to come up with a plan to deal with the aging Liberty and Independence Bridges.

"Now here with are, the 11th hour. This has been a bad summer, for our liberty bridge. In the late Spring we had an issue with a big pothole. M-DOT came out and got us the help with the solution, so we took care of that, but in order to take care of it properly, we had to close the whole bridge down again. Veterans was being worked on, on side of that bridge was closed, so it created a lot of havoc and hate and discontent< Newsham said.

Bay City Mayor Kathleen Newsham knows time is running out-- the bridges won't hold up much longer. It's why she believes the public meeting this Thursday with three groups to select a plan from-- is so important.

Newsham says it could cost up to one-hundred million dollars to make the needed repairs. Bay City has just $20-30 million in its bridge budget.

"It's hard, very hard. It's all about money,"

The final decision could come as early as Monday.

"We're not going to have the right answer for everyone I know that, whenever the commissioners decide," Newsham said.

If you'd like to attend the meeting to learn more.

It will be held Thursday -- from 5 to 9 in the evening at Bay City City Hall.

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