Coast Guard rescues 5 fisherman from ice floe

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MONROE COUNTY (WJRT) - (01/13/18) - The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Detroit has shared safety advice after another ice rescue.

Friday five fishermen had to be rescued from Lake Erie, off shore from Sterling State Park in Monroe.

They were on an ice floe.

The Coast Guard said they had a flashlight and were able to signal someone on shore, who then called 911.

"It would have been difficult to find them if they didn't have flashlights; it enabled them to signal for help and, ultimately, for us to locate them," said Air Station Detroit Aircraft Commander, Lt. Adam Morehouse. "I'd also like to share with the ice-fishing community what we saw out there in regard to open water. There is a lot of it. The water is completely open in some near shore areas."

The Coast Guard said the ice is very dangersous following our temperature warm up this week.

The Coast Guard encourages ice fisherman and other ice sport enthusiasts to check the 24 hours weather forecast in order to not be caught in bad weather.

They also suggest taking signaling and communication equipment, in addition to a cellphone. Cellphones can be unrelieable off shore.

Other equipment to take includes: a flashlight, flares, a VHF radio and a personal locator beacon.

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