'Coco' held in high praises in local Latino community

FLINT (WJRT) With vivid animation and a heartwarming message, 'Coco' is being praised by many Latino communities as one of Pixar's best films.

As those at the Hispanic Technology center say, they're also happy to see their traditions being shown on a global level.

"Many times we are depicted as negative individuals, but this movie it was just so genuine," says Latinos United for Flint communication director, Aurora Sauceda.

Pixar's 'Coco' isn't just a hit at the box office, its a hit with critics and many Latinos in the Mid-Michigan area.

"It was very Disney, but it was also very colorful and Mexico tends to be very colorful," says Hispanic Technology Center Director, Ralph Arellano. "The cut out that were all over were such a great image."

The movie focuses on the journey of a young boy during the Mexican Holiday, Dia De Los Muertos. Latinos United For Flint say this holiday is one of the most important in Hispanic cultures.

"This is a celebration that is much a part of our culture and should be part of our culture. Because so much of our culture is being lost within our youth, our young young ones," says Sauceda.

But people like Alejandro Queintanialla, say its movies like this that can get youth more involved in their culture and back to traditions.

"La musica es mi lingua, el mundo es mi familia," he says. "So, the music is my language and the world is my family. They all tie into the main theme, which is what I thought they really got right in the Mexican culture, is that it is about family."

Coco has already grossed already $300 million globally, its also the number one grossing movie of all time in Mexico.