Tips for safeguarding your car in the cold

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (12/ 28/2017) -Your body isn't the only thing feeling the effects of the extreme cold.

Frigid temperatures can also be hard on your car.

We stopped by an auto repair shop to get some tips on what to look for, including having enough air pressure in the tires, having a good car battery, and checking the oil.

"Oil changes, one of your most important things, especially during the winter months, with it being so cold," said Dominic Criswell, the assistant manager at Kan Rock in Flint.

Driver Christine Hoover takes that advice seriously.

"My idiot light was teling me that the oil needed to be added," she said, " I think it's because of the cold, so I just had my oil changed."

Other cold weather tips?

"Should always make sure your battery," said Criswell, "you got good connection, make sure your terminals are always clean."

And keeping your tires properly inflated is key

"If they get too low," said Criswell, "the tire will actually cause a heat ring, driving under inflated, that will cause you to replace the tires if you don't get that taken care of."

We asked motorists to describe their most common cold weather driving dilemas:

"It takes forever to start up, my tires sometimes go flat," said Haley Simmons.

"My Dad likes it nice and warm when he gets in so I have to start it nice and early," said Clarence Courts.

"I love the cold but when it comes to the car , it's rough out here," said Ernest Butler.

This guys driving a 1996 Buick Road Master. What's his secret for keeping his late model car running in the cold?

"You cannot ignore those lights, those light mean a lot," said Zachary Sweeney.

We noticed his service engine was on.

"Yeah that one always stays on," he said, "that one is a simple doing an oil change and then connecting it up to the computer and resetting it."

"Nothing hard," he said, "just keeping up, a little bit of money here and there to keep your vehicle up and going."

So far, that's work out well for Sweeney, who admits he does work on his own car.

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