Comfort Keepers doesn't let weather stop them from working

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BURTON (WJRT) - (11/26/2018) - Comfort Keepers in Burton operates like business as usual rain or shine -- or snow. This is made possible by making sure their employees have transportation to get to work even if the owner has to pick them up.

They offer in-home care service for Mid-Michigan seniors and other adults in need of assistance with daily activities as simple as just help around the house to the more serious medical conditions.

But co-owner Adam Jones says they treat each client the same and it's a job that must get done.

And Sunday night he shares that message with his employees.

"I sent out a message at about 10:30 last night just said hey guys remember leave early, dress appropriately, make sure there's gas in your car, if you have a car that's not running right let us know and we'll see what we can do to come get you,” said Jones “And you're still expected to be here on time, and remember these people need us."

Comfort Keepers employs over 150 people and operate 24 hours a day serving Genesee, Oakland & St. Clair County. Jones says issues with employees calling off are rare but weather can cause issues.

But they have to be able to get to the client to take care of them and that’s why they make sure there's always transportation available.

“We have a contract with Lyft,” said Jones. “So let's say their car’s broken down or it's in the shop for a couple days or they're stuck somewhere; we can always get a Lyft out to them to get them home or get them to their next shift or we also work out deals with certain tow truck companies and garages, they can come pick them up as well. >

Comfort Keepers is celebrating its 20th year and Jones says his office has been serving Mid-Michigan since 2001 rain or shine…or snow.