Coming soon: Billion-dollar development will remake Grand Blanc Township

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GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (7/18/19) - What's been dubbed "Tech Village" will on more than 150-acres of land between I-75 and Baldwin and Saginaw Roads.

Grand Blanc Township Supervisor Scott Bennett said the location is ideal because it's right off the expressway and just a quick drive to Ascension Genesys Hospital.

"So the idea is to have these as headquarters, this would be restaurant and retail, you know, small retail over in here. This would be housing, whether its condos, or you know, apartment type living," Bennett said, showing off the map.

He added there'd likely be an $8-million road project for an additional connection of Baldwin and Saginaw Roads included.

"It's a place where people can live and work in the same place," he said.

Bennett expects the business offices moving in will likely be tech companies, hence the name "Tech Village."

The name might not stick, with the new development firm on board; but Bennett said the plan is expected to.

"The property owners that sold this property, it's their understanding they like this concept and that's gonna be their goal," he said.

Bennett can't say much yet about the firm, except that they're based on the East Coast and are responsible for developments from New York to Hong Kong.

"It's huge for the entire County, it's huge for this region of Michigan, just to have somebody believe in our area this much to you know purchase the property," Bennett said.

And even if you don't live nearby, Bennett said all of Genesee County will feel the impact of the nearly billion dollar investment.

"I mean building out this facility is going to create so many hundreds of jobs in itself, let alone the businesses that locate within there, will need employees," he explained. "It's basically the business that are paying the majority of the tax. And so for us to create more bicycle lanes or non-motorized pathways it takes the revenue from developments like this to pay for those or the fire department to have what they need or the police."

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