Commercial-scale marijuana grow operation dismantled in Essexville

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ESSEXVILLE (WJRT) (9/7/2018) - Police seized more than 12 pounds of marijuana, 100 marijuana plants and arrested one person while dismantling a commercial-scale growing operation in an abandoned house.

The raid took place at an undisclosed location in the city of Essexville on Friday. The Essexville Department of Public Safety described the location as a vacant large rental house maintained to appear occupied.

Inside, police found a large-scale marijuana growing and processing operation with advanced irrigation, electrical and ventilation equipment. The facility was able to convert raw marijuana into various byproducts.

Police seized the following from inside the house:
-- 12 pounds of processed marijuana.
-- Several ounces of marijuana byproducts.
-- 100 live marijuana plants.
-- More marijuana plants being prepared for harvest.
-- One firearm.

Investigators detained a suspect at the scene, who later was released pending a review from the Bay County Prosecutor's Office. Police say the suspect has numerous drug convictions and will be charged as a habitual offender.

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