Community comes together to help Laingsburg woman after neighbor leaves a brash note

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (09/09/2019) - “I was upset, I didn't feel I deserved it.”

A Shiawassee County widow shocked after finding a rude note left by a neighbor criticizing her lawn care.

Janice Smith and her husband Paul moved to Laingsburg from Lansing 32 years ago because she wanted to raise her family in the country.

She grew up there and loved the small-town feel.
But she never expected to get a note like this.

"It stated that I had 8-foot weeds, which I knew they weren't because they weren't over my head,” said Smith. “And that I need to clean them up. And I have teenage boys that help me and I really don't feel comfortable for them to do weed whacking because they're young and I don't want them to get injured."

After receiving the not-so-friendly note from an anonymous neighbor, Smith posted the note to Facebook Thursday afternoon.

“Now that you have your lawn cleaned up halfway decent compared to last year, why don’t you have lawn care come and kill and weed wack those 8ft weeds around all your trees and in your ditches, it’s disgraceful you get could Twin Oaks for probably a mere $50.00”

And the post received more of a reaction than she had anticipated.

"I figured maybe one or two people might make a comment,” said Smith. “But I had over 300 people comment on it. And they were all positive responses, at least to me."

Smith lost her husband to cancer back in 2016, she's struggled to keep up with the 5 acres of land.

"It's been very difficult and I miss him every day,” said Smith. “We were together 50 years, so it was hard. And he had cancer and only lived 6 months after he was diagnosed. We planned a life forever together but it didn't happen that way."

But when the community heard about the issue - they answered.

"Well my yard now is very beautiful because they all worked, the guy that owns Twin Oaks, Dan, he came out and trimmed all around my house and trimmed out the ditch lines with no charge at all,” said Smith. “And then the neighbor across the road came up and trimmed all my trees so it would be easier for the boys to mow."

The crews came back out and worked all day Saturday and Sunday to finish the yard.
And Smith says she's thankful to live in a community like this.

"I just want them to know how much I appreciate it," said Smith. "And that's what I grew up with so I was happy to see that times haven't changed that much. People say people get more jaded but I'm glad that people in this small community still like to care for other people."

Smith said they are working out a deal with Twin Oaks for future lawn care but she still plans on having the teenage boys help mow the lawn to earn money for school.

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