Community steps up for a local retired librarian on the verge of losing his home

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BURTON (WJRT) (4/15/2019) - Richard Wiktorowski spent more than twenty years helping people find what they needed at the school library.

Now, his students are taking a page out of his book, and helping him find the resources he needs to keep his home.

The place he’s called home for decades could soon be a memory.

"I don't even imagine that I trust in the Lord,” Wiktorowski said.

He served as a librarian Bendle Public Schools 1966 until 1988.

His old habits are hard to break because walking in people will see books are all around his home.

"Here, here, here and some of these are videos and then there and there in the cabinet there,” he said.

The former librarian recently fell on hard times medically and because of that so did his mortgage payments.

His home went for auction and sold.

Now, the students who he's taught are doing what they can to make sure he doesn't lose his home.

"Mr. Wiktorowski was always helpful,” said Ellen Ellenburg a former student and a Genesee County Commissioner.

That good nature hasn't stopped.

He still does what he can for his sister, who has special needs.

"It's turned around I initially was helping her. Now it's turning around that she is helping me," Wiktorowski said.

He's hoping that they'll be able to get enough money to make sure they don't have to look for a new home.

"I didn't know how to accept it...I'm grateful thank you to all who've participated in one way or another,” Wiktorowski said.