Confirmed: Bones in Montana did not come from missing Skelton brothers

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MISSOULA, Mont. (WJRT) (2/9/2018) - Authorities in Montana announced Friday that bones found in a shed outside a residence in Missoula County last fall are not from the missing Skelton brothers.

Brothers Alexander, Andrew and Tanner Skelton have not been seen since 2010, when their father claims he left them with a person he has not identified.

A resident in Montana reported finding facial bones and teeth in a shed back in September. A preliminary study showed the bones came from three young males whose ages matched the Skelton brothers when they disappeared.

However, in depth studies by the Montana State Crime Lab, University of Montana Anthropology Department and University of North Texas Center for Human Identification all determined the bones are more than 99 years old.

Authorities believe the bones are archaeological and had been buried at some point before spending years exposed to the elements. At least one of the bones may have been American Indian in origin.

The University of North Texas still has the bones and plans to extract DNA to run through a nationwide database to confirm they don't match samples from any active missing persons cases.

John Skelton, the brothers' father, remains in prison after being convicted of unlawful imprisonment connected to the boys' disappearance. His earliest release date is Nov. 29, 2020.

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