Conflict in Michigan attorney general's office over Flint water records

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FLINT (AP) (5/1/2019) - A dispute over 23 boxes of records found in the basement of a state building is taking a strange turn: Lawyers on the civil side of the Michigan attorney general's office say nothing was withheld from prosecutors in the Flint water criminal investigation.

Those prosecutors now are led by Fadwa Hammoud, who is a high-ranking official -- in the same attorney general's office.

Assistant Attorney General Christina Grossi says the records are from the Department of Environmental Quality. She says there's "no indication" that they're connected to Nick Lyon, who was the state health director.

Lyon is charged with involuntary manslaughter in an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease. Hammoud's team says it needs a six-month delay in his case so it can look at the boxes.

But defense attorney Chip Chamberlain says the Wednesday court filing is proof that a stay is unnecessary. A court hearing is planned for Friday.

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