Construction begins on $1 million feed plant utilizing Michigan Sugar molasses

From left, Scott Johnson, project manager, Pumford Construction Company; Greg McLean, director of strategic development, Westway Feed Products; Phillip Abney, Carrollton Township Supervisor; Mark Flegenheimer, president and CEO, Michigan Sugar Company; and JoAnn Crary, president and CEO, Saginaw Future Inc.
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CARROLLTON TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (2/7/2018) - Michigan Sugar Co. is partnering with a Texas company on a new liquid animal feed manufacturing plant in Carrollton Township.

Officials Michigan Sugar and Westway Feed Products of Texas broke ground on the $1 million facility on Wednesday outside Michigan Sugar's facility in Carrollton Township.

The plant will produce liquid animal feed products using molasses from Michigan Sugar as a key ingredient. Only four full-time jobs will be created when the plant opens this fall, but more could be added if production scales up.

“The exciting new partnership announced today will spark new economic activity in Carrollton Township and Saginaw County, while providing another new market for Michigan Sugar’s sugarbeet farmers and further adding to our cooperative’s strong regional footprint,” said Mark Flegenheimer, president and CEO of Michigan Sugar.

The 3,700-square-foot facility will be built by Pumford Construction Co. of Saginaw. The project has received incentives from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Greg McLean, director of strategic development for Westway Feed Products, said the Carrollton Township location was ripe for investment.

“Our new facility in Carrollton Township has everything we need to be successful as a liquid feed business -- it’s close to the interstate, close to dairy and beef production, and close to molasses produced by sugarbeet farmers throughout the region,” McLean said.

He called the project a win-win-win for Saginaw County's economy.

“It will benefit local livestock producers, local sugarbeet producers and allow our company and Michigan Sugar Co. to spark additional economic growth,” McLean said.

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