Construction crews taking extra precautions to stay cool

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 12:18 PM EDT
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Many people are staying indoors, with AC or fans but for construction workers along Center road-- its their livelihood keeping them outside in the heat.

"During pre-construction meetings safety is always a hot topic-- no pun intended," said Robert Slattery, Burton's DPW Director.

With new construction along Center road starting, Salttery says, he's making sure crews are taking precautions.

"We tell our guys to drink lots of water, stay hydrated, stay in the shade when you can," said Slattery. "Listen to your body basically, if you need a break or need to cool off, we understand that."

While many areas are under construction in mid-Michigan. new crews are out along Center rd between Davison and Dophaine st. A portion the city of Burton has been working up to for several years.

"Pretty much every year for several years we've gotten a section of Center rd approved for funding, and this one is just over 2 million dollars," said Slattery. "This is a big project. Part of it is full depth reconstruction and part of it is mill and resurface, its just under a mile, so its a big project."

People are avoid the outdoors all together because of the heat, crews though aren't letting this heat slow them down.

"These guys and the ladies that are out there, are tough people," said Slattery. "They work in the coldest temperatures and the hottest temperature-- but they do the job that needs to get done."

The construction is set to finish in October, but Slattery says if these crews have to take extra breaks, then so be it.