Construction to begin on East Hill Rd. in Grand Blanc Twp.

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GRAND BLANC TWP. (WJRT) A major road project is underway on East Hill Road in Grand Blanc Township.

Orange barrels are almost in full bloom this season, and some buds are popping up on Hill Rd.

"It's about time they should have done it last year."
"I had to straddle two lanes to make sure I wasn't hitting a bump."

The $4.2 million project is focusing on making Hill Road smoother and gets rid of all those nasty potholes.

"He drives so slow to avoid them.”

Oliver T’s is located on the main stretch of Hill Rd., where shoppers can get some tasty treats.

Customers and employees are going to have to deal with all that construction from Fenton Road to Dort Highway.

"At one time or another in the process (drivers) aren't going to be able to turn in our parking lot, so we are trying to figure out how that's going to work,” Oliver T’s Owner Chris Capoccia said.

The construction expected to go into the fall.

The extended timeline is making Capoccia nervous because a third of business comes during the summer.

"I just hope loyal customers will find a way in here,” Capoccia said. "It's just a pothole infested roadway that's long overdue for fixing."

This project will go through four phases during the year, and it's expected to be completed in November.