Consumers Energy giving away 100,000 Nest thermostats to customers

Consumers Energy is giving away 100,000 Google Nest thermostats to help customers save energy costs. (MGN)
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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (5/19/2020) - Consumers Energy is giving away 100,000 Google Nest smart thermostats to electric and gas customers as a way to help save money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nest thermostats have smart technology allowing them to tailor energy use away from peak times in the summer and winter. The giveaway continues through July 31.

“We want to give our customers more control to manage their energy use, helping reduce their bills while protecting the environment” said Patti Poppe, Consumers Energy’s president and CEO.

Electric customers who receive a smart thermostat will be enrolled in a Consumers Energy program, which shifts energy use to off-peak hours while keeping users comfortable on the hottest days of the year.

Consumers is working to shift customers away from using electricity during afternoon and early evening hours during the summer, when demand increases and power is more expensive to provide.

“We need Michigan to take action to protect the environment and help us avoid building three new power plants over the next generation,” Poppe said.