Consumers Energy says it will respond, as appropriate, if called upon to assist after Michael

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (10/10/2018) - The East Central Bay office of the American Red Cross says those wanting to help can donate blood, make a financial contribution, or volunteer to back fill local positions as volunteers are deployed to assist with Hurricane recovery.

Consumers Energy is also on standby this evening:

"We're monitoring the situation and certainly keeping those individuals - that are in the path of the storm - in our thoughts. We'll respond as appropriate if we're called upon," said Kyle McCree, the Communications Manager for Consumers Energy, Genesee County.

In North Florida, Hurricane Michael swamped streets, flattened trees, downed power lines, and set off transformer explosions.

Hundreds of thousands of customers are without power.

Officials say it may not be restored for days - possibly weeks.

Florida's Governor promising a "massive wave of response" with thousands of utility personnel.

McCree says right now 18 states have deployed utilities:

"Utilites will send crews either down and stage in a safe area distance away, so the crews aren't in danger, or they'll have their crews stage and ready at their home base, if they're close enough, and then deploy as needed," he said.

As members of Great Lakes Mutual Aid, Consumers Energy says it will assess any requests that do come in asking them to provide mutual assistance in wake of Michael.

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