Consumers Energy plans net zero carbon emissions by 2040

Consumers Energy is planning to go carbon neutral by 2040 by moving away from coal, boosting renewable fuel sources, promoting conservation and reducing waste.
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JACKSON, Mich. (AP) (2/24/2020) - Consumers Energy says it plans to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2040.

The utility based in Jackson announced the goal Monday. It follows release of a plan last year for providing electricity to about 6.7 million Michigan residents over the next two decades.

President and CEO Patti Poppe says Consumers hasn't settled on all the details for reducing carbon output from the power it generates or buys for customers.

But it plans to stop burning coal, boost renewable fuel sources and promote conservation and waste reduction.

Remaining emissions would be offset by capturing other greenhouse gases or planting large numbers of trees, which store carbon dioxide.

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