Consumers Energy warns of 'devastating' storm with long-lasting power outages

Consumers Energy is preparing for a "devastating" winter storm that could cause days-long power outages across Mid-Michigan.
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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (1/10/2020) - Consumers Energy is warning customers that widespread power outages from Saturday's storm could last for several days in some areas.

The gas and electric utility is planning for a "devastating" winter storm that could drop a half-inch to 1 inch of ice between I-94 and U.S. 10 through the day on Saturday.

Consumers says a half inch of ice can add 500 pounds to a power line. Coupled with high winds gusting to 45 mph, power lines are likely to fall or get knocked down by falling trees.

Treacherous road conditions caused by the ice and heavy wet snow accumulation to the north may delay power restoration efforts, Consumers says.

Anyone who experiences a power outage can call Consumers at 1-800-477-5050. The Consumers power outage website is constantly updated on progress of restoration efforts.

Stay at least 25 feet away from a downed wire and anything it is touching. Always assume a downed wire is energized, even if it is not arcing or sparking.

During a power outage, never run a generator in an enclosed space, such as a garage, basement and enclosed patio, or near any air intakes. High levels of deadly carbon monoxide could build up inside.