Consumers Energy: Power outages in Mid-Michigan could last through weekend

MICHIGAN (WJRT) - (2/8/2019) - The strong winds hitting Michigan have created quite a mess, with large-scale issues reported to Consumers Energy.

Across the state, more than 150,000 people were without power as of Friday afternoon caused by back-to-back ice storms Wednesday and Thursday mornings, along with high winds Thursday night and Friday.

"It has created scattered power outages. This comes on top of two major ice storms that have impacted mostly the Southwest Michigan area, so we have about 155,000 people out," said Consumers Energy spokesman Roger Morgenstern.

The number of power outages around the state increased from Thursday to Friday as weather conditions worsened.

While a majority of those outages are in the Grand Rapids area, hundreds of people in New Lothrop, Montrose, Birch Run and Saginaw are without power.

"It will be some time before we get the power restored -- might very well be into Saturday for some of the people in the Bay Region," Morgenstern said.

While fewer homes are without power in Genesee County, reports of downed power lines and traffic signals out were continuing.

"We've got hundreds of downed wires in the area. We ask people to stay 25 feet away from a down power line and anything that it is touching," Morgenstern said. "Also when they see a down power line to call 911."

According to Consumers Energy, because many people will be without power into the weekend, they're encouraged to call 211 if they're concerned about staying in their homes in cold temperatures.

More tranquil weather should help crews restore power over the weekend. Winds will relax and snow should taper off to light showers Saturday and Sunday, but temperatures will remain cold.

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