Controversial sign causes tensions among neighbors

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (11/7/17) - A sign posted on a man's front yard over the weekend is causing some controversy among neighbors.

The sign reads: Next person on my property will be leaving on a stretcher, your kind is not welcome here.

Brittany Fletcher lives just a few doors down from Aaron Heath, who put up the sign on his front lawn on Muriel Drive .

Fletcher claims the sign was targeted toward African Americans who live on the street , following several break ins of Heath's truck.

"There's mass shootings happening everywhere, the threats of guns, the threats of knives," she said.

The sign, which was put up after Halloween, according to neighbors has since been taken down, but those that live on the street say they're on pins and needles.

"I feel that it's stupid for one and childish and racist," said Chuck Stacks who lives on the street.

And that's what those who live on the street are trying to move past.

"We did discuss that night having a block party inviting anyone and everyone to end racism," Fletcher said.

ABC12 was able to track Heath down via phone and says the sign he posted was anything but racist.

"The sign was originally put up to try and deter theft and people breaking into the area, I've had a lot of break-ins in the past 3 months between my house and a couple of the neighbors houses," Heath said.

Heath explained the reasoning behind the words 'your kind.'

"Thieves, drug addicts, anybody that should not be on my property," he said.

Heath says his intention was to make a statement ,that he's clearly upset over the recent thefts.

"If people want to be scared of my sign, as long as you're not on my property, we have nothing to worry about," he said.

Genesee Township Police say nothing can be done because no crime was committed.

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