Laker Schools teacher resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations

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HURON COUNTY (WJRT) (9/18/2019) - A student walkout and a GoFundMe to pay for legal costs.

A teacher in the Laker Schools district resigned after a student brought allegations of sexual misconduct, but some in the community believe he wasn't treated fairly.

That's just some of the fallout after a Huron County teacher resigns over sexual misconduct allegations.

It was about two weeks ago when the Laker Schools administration learned there may have been inappropriate contact between a teacher, who is also a coach, and a high school student.

"It makes me extremely frustrated and ashamed of our school board, my children go here, we lost an amazing teacher," says Erin Buchholz, a friend of Justin Dubs.

He also known as Jay in the Laker School community. Dubs resigned on Friday after a female student made an allegation of an incident of sexual misconduct.

Dozens of people packed Monday's school board meeting to voice their displeasure with what some people was a forced resignation. We could not reach him for comment, but Buchholz was there.

"I just feel they did not investigate this enough to possibly ruin a man's career," Buchholz said.

Dozens of students also walked out of class on Tuesday for a time to protest. Buchholz has started a GoFundMe page to collect money for legal costs should Dubs decide to file a lawsuit.

"I want him to fight for defamation of character. It’s a small community, so even if it’s not on his record ... it’s on his record," she said.

Laker Schools Superintendent Brian Keim released a lengthy statement online about the resignation, saying an internal investigation of the allegation was done and Dubs voluntarily resigned.

"Situations of this nature are never easy, but we have taken this matter very seriously and have done our very best to consider all parties involved in our search for the truth," Keim wrote.

But he is also upset with how the student who made the allegation has been treated.

"I've frankly been appalled at the hostility shown toward this child by some of the adults in our community," Keim wrote.

Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson confirms there is an open investigation into the student's allegation.

Buchholz believes the way the administration has handled the whole situation does not make the grade.

"I think the school board failed Jay and failed her, if these are the true circumstances," she said.