Cooking Thanksgiving with bottled water

Published: Nov. 25, 2016 at 10:50 PM EST
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(11/25/16) - A day before sitting on a Flint water crisis panel local activist Melissa Mays took to Facebook revealing she used a lot of bottled water to cook Thanksgiving dinner at her home.

"We took a tally. I knew we were going to use a lot of bottled water, but I had no idea it was gonna be 58 bottles," said Mays.

Although experts say filtered tap water is safe in Flint, Melissa Mays says bacteria problems in her plumbing have her staying with bottles.

"I saw other families had posted they had over 100 bottles, 166 bottles. Other families didn't invite family members over because it's embarrassing to have to live off of bottled water," she said.

For Mays it shows Flint's water crisis is still far from over.

Syrah Scott and her New York-based organization the National Clean Water Collective are doing what they can to help. Friday the organization hosted a feast and panel at Canaan Baptist Church to help keep the focus on Flint.

It's part of an initiative called 4 days 4 Flint aiming to raise money to buy water filters.

"A lot of people in New York City and people that I talk with, they don't know that this is still going on. We're also working to get pretty much people working together to find the solution to the Flint Water Crisis," said Scott.

Taking her place on the panel Mays says even though it's hard to see...change is happening and despite having to cook Thanksgiving dinner with bottled water...she's thankful.

"I guess I'm a little bit thankful for the crisis because we appreciate every single drop of water a lot more. We appreciate our health, we appreciate our family members and the life we do have underneath this entire crisis," said Mays.

Days three and four of 4 Days 4 Flint are being planned for next year and will consist of a benefit concert and an art gala.