Corrosion due to leaking water led to school roof collapse

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WYOMING, Mich. (AP) - (7/19/19) - A structural engineer has determined that corrosion caused by leaking water led to a roof collapse last month at a school in western Michigan.

Two collapses occurred at Lee Middle and High School in Wyoming, which is located in the Grand Rapids area and is part of the Godfrey-Lee district. Classes weren't in session and no one was hurt. The section of the school where the collapses took pace was built nearly a century ago in the mid-1920s.

Superintendent Kevin Polston told reporters Thursday that it's a "serious issue" and it "would have been a catastrophe if the building was occupied" at the time of the collapse.

Repairs are scheduled to parts of the school before classes begin in August. The district is looking at demolishing the entire affected wing.

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