Corunna Dam project means partial road closures

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CORUNNA (WJRT) (8/19/2019) - It's been a historic site in the city of Corunna for more than a hundred and fifty years, but the days are numbered for the Corunna Dam.

This project should begin in September said Corunna City Manager Joe Sawyer. People are concern on this will impact their daily commute."
"Obviously got to wake up earlier to get around it. I don't know what the detour is going to be,” Adam Dizotell said.

North Shiawassee Street in Corunna is a busy stretch of road.

"Sometimes it takes me 5-10 minutes to get off Pine Street and onto Shiawassee,” Rose Mallery said.

This congested street is next to the Corunna Dam. The city plans on removing the dam so it can begin a revitalization project.
Sawyer says at some points Shiawassee Street will need to be shut down as crews bring some of the material from across the street. But when and how long is still unknown.

"We're hoping to work with the contractor to avoid the bussing hours and school hours and maybe do a couple of hour blocks of time here and there. But we are just not in that phase yet,” Sawyer said.

Any shutdowns will more than likely disrupt driver’s commutes and already some are looking at alternate routes.

"We got to go down past the river and over to 71 to get into Vernon, and that is obviously five days a week," Dizotell said.

Sawyer says they're hoping not to burden families too much. Crews plan on working from city property and backyards along the Shiawassee River.

"This whole parking lot will be closed. We highly won't allow access into Heritage Park,” Sawyer said.

This project will cost around a million dollars to complete. Sawyer says grants are paying for most of the project.
He says the money will go toward more than removing the dam, but also give people a river walk for many to enjoy.

"The lookout pier, fishing platform, sidewalk work and parking lot paving as well as accessible kayak and canoe launch,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer is hoping this project is going to be all completed in 2020.