Corvette lovers looking forward to next generation Corvette reveal

Published: Jul. 18, 2019 at 6:08 PM EDT
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(07/18/19) - Anticipation for the next generation Corvette is high in the sports car's birthplace.

"It is a car that virtually never dies, and it has a huge following," Gary Drago said.

The Back to the Bricks Corvette Reunion is a yearly favorite, sponsored by five local Corvette clubs and organized by Gary Drago. He's also president of the Flint Corvette Club. He's looking forward to Thursday night's announcement about the C8. So is Kurt Jensen of Graff Chevrolet in Davison.

"I want to see the whole layout of the midengine. This is a whole new car. You've got the new engine, the LT2 is supposedly the new engine, 500 horsepower. It's going to be exciting," Jensen said.

You may have seen the camouflaged next generation Corvette whizzing around town. We see it in pictures from a press event in New York City in April.

Jensen is as ready to get the new model on the lot as hardcore fans are eager to see it.

"We have to sign up to be a C8 dealer and we've already done that.So we're going to be a C8 dealer. We're very excited about that," Jensen said.

Drago is also looking forward to what happens next but admits he'll miss the front engine design, born in the Vehicle City In 1953. It's now put together at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Kentucky.

"Without a doubt it's special to Flint because the first Corvettes were built here in Flint," Drago said. "I'm excited about the potential."

General Motors has managed to keep a lot of the details quiet. We know the engine in the new model is being moved from under the hood. It will be tucked between the passenger compartment and the rear wheels, but Drago says the automaker's new take on a classic won't change its iconic standing in history.

"I'm thinking about okay I'm the technician, I'm going to be servicing these. What are we going to be up against," Drago said. "There's going to be a number of people that want to be the first on the block to have one."

You can watch the unveiling

. Coverage begins at 10:50 p.m. EST.

You can also learn more about the


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