Couple facing animal cruelty charges after shivering dogs found outside

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HURON COUNTY (WJRT) (3/14/2019) - A Huron County couple was arraigned on animal cruelty charges after police found dogs shivering and malnourished outside their residence in frigid weather.

Jody Woodruff, 35 and Stanley Woodruff II, 34, both are charged with abandoning or cruelty to two or three animals. The charge is a misdemeanor carrying up to a year in jail.

Both were released from the Huron County Jail after arraignment on personal recognizance bonds.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office responded to a tip and found four dogs outside a residence on Moeller Road in Huron Township last week, three of which were malnourished.

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Police say one of the dogs was shivering in an open air plastic dog house without proper bedding while another was inside a dog house with openings that allowed frigid winds to pass through.

A third dog, which was pregnant, was tied on a chain cut too short to allow her into her house. She gave birth to a litter of five puppies at the Thumb Animal Shelter one day after being found outside.

The fourth dog had adequate shelter. Police say none of the dogs had food or water available to them.