Coyote season: Michigan DNR offers safety tips as reports pour in

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MID-MICHIGAN (WJRT) (3/11/2019) - Mid-Michigan residents may notice coyote paw prints left behind, especially in rural areas, this time of year.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says coyote sightings will start to pour during the predator's breeding season, which is January through March.

Coyotes are fairly common in less populated areas of Mid-Michigan, but encounters with humans and pets are relatively rare.

The Millington Police Department warned residents in February about a coyote that killed some livestock on Bishop Street in the village on Jan. 24.

DNR officials are sharing some tips to protect resident and their four-legged friends:

-- Never intentionally feed coyotes. Remove outdoor food sources and fence off your gardens and fruit trees.
-- Accompany pets outdoors rather than letting them roam free.
-- Never try to tame a coyote. Leave wildlife in the wild.

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