Crackdown: Authorities arrest 'small group committing a lot of different crimes'

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (3/12/2018) - Ten people who police say are responsible for a variety of serious crimes in Saginaw County have bee arrested over the past couple weeks.

They are charged with crimes ranging from conspiracy to arson and murder.

"What you are seeing is a small group of people committing a lot of different crimes in Saginaw County," said Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Trevis Ruffin.

Eight people were arraigned last week and two more people were charged Monday with a crime that occurred nearly three years ago.

"It's extremely significant for Saginaw County," Ruffin said.

Eight people in all were charged in two separate 2017 Saginaw murder cases. Two of those eight, Troy McClain and Alexander Jones, have been charged in an April 2015 fire and shooting case that happened on Hazelwood Avenue.

"After the fire was intentionally set individuals in this group decided to fire rounds from high-powered weapons into the home," Ruffin said.

A woman was injured by the fire and was also shot, but she survived. Investigators believe she was not the intended target.

"What you have is a group of violent individuals who committed an extremely violent act on a woman that had nothing to do with anything," Ruffin said.

Two other people have been charged in the fire and shooting case but have not been arraigned. One is in custody, the other is not.

Jones, McClain and Benjamin Day were charged last week in connection with the murder of Willie Dawson. Jones, McClain and four others are accused of killing Shlindrill Lewis in October 2017.

"What we are doing is trying to target that group of people -- those individuals, those violent offenders -- to get them out of the community," Ruffin said.

The other two people charged Monday are not being identified because they have not been arraigned.

He said the group could be charged with even more crimes. Authorities are working on 10 more arrest warrants stemming from other crimes not included in the current charges.