Crafty Flint group creates 'Joey Pouches' for injured Australian animals

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FLINT (WJRT) (1/19/2020) - Inside Flint's Factory Two, a group of friends spent their Sunday doing their part to help animals on the other side of the world.

Led by Board Member, Symantha Foreman, the group created what they're calling 'Joey Pouches' and 'Bat Wraps.'

"This helps any of the animals that have burns," she explained. "We are using 100% cotton, so that it's really soft in their wounds and they can hopefully heal better."

The raging wildfires have been devastating the country for months now.

Foreman said she saw a call out for crafters to help create these two types of items.

Flint Handmade and even Foreman's grandma donated the fabric they're using.

"I have it in my ability to do it. I'm thankful that I can give back to the community. I've done it in previous ways before. So I wanted to do this as well," she explained.

The latest reports show one billion animals have died so far due to the wildfires.