Creating families in Michigan on Adoption Day

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (11/20/18) - Anthony Eubanks and his daughter Brylee have the same wavy brown hair.

And now, they have the same last name.

"My last name changed to Eubanks," said adoptee, Brylee Eubanks.

Tuesday, in a Genesee County courtroom, Anthony and Brylee legally became father and daughter, when Anthony adopted the little girl.

While it's now official, Brylee's mom Brittanee says it's been that way from the start.

"When we got married, in our vows, he also acknowledged that Brylee was part of his commitment and he has taken that very seriously," Brittanee said.

The Eubanks were just of one several families that became forever families on Tuesday across Michigan on this Adoption Day.

"We've always been a family, but today kind of tightens it. Makes it legal in the eyes of the courts and we couldn't be happier." Anthony Eubanks said.

The Miller family welcomed 10-month-old Harper into their home permanently.

"That our family is now officially complete." Stephanie Miller

The day was special for judges, as well, who got to preside over some decidedly positive proceedings.

"Not a lot of good things happen in court and we never really get to do an adoption. It's a good thing, but we've got to keep it a secret because they are private hearings. The one time we do not have to keep our mouths shut and we get to tell everybody and they get to see how fun it is," said Judge Jennie Barkey.

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